Exclusive Spin: Top Nachos — Getchu

Exclusive Spin / featured / News / July 23, 2018

Songs about catering to a person’s every whim have been around forever, most of all in punk-adjacent spheres. (After all, what’s tougher than giving someone candy, diamonds, pills, and $100 bills?) The latest entry in this long-updating canon is from New Paltz duo Top Nachos, who are premiering “Getchu,” their end of a split, below. The soulful tones of The Rizzos occupy the other side.

Weezer callbacks notwithstanding, it’s a sharp, quick shoutalong from a nostalgic palate: garage rock, surf rock, and doo wop moments filter through a two-minute romp that’s as misty-eyed as it is unapologetic.

Top Nachos’ 7″ split with The Rizzos is out August 4th via King Pizza Records. Both bands will be celebrating the release with Nervous Dater and The Royal They at Econolodge in Brooklyn.

The release is limited to 500 copies, with 100 on candy red wax and 400 on standard black. You can pick up your copy here.

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