The MV Podcast: Revisiting The Beatles (A Hard Day’s Night)

News / Podcast / The MV Podcast / August 23, 2018

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Part 3 of our Revisiting The Beatles series dives into A Hard Day’s Night. We start at the end of the record, which houses some of the more lyrically interesting tracks, while then working back to the big hits.


— Soundtrack release of “A Hard Day’s Night”

— “Love Me Do!: Beatles Progress” available on Kindle

— “The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions” by Mark Lewisohn

“A Hard Day’s Night” lyrics on the birthday card

Theories on the opening chord

— Playboy interview in which John Lennon references a pattern of violence

Blackstreet’s cover of “Can’t Buy Me Love.” It’s not a straight cover, but lines are borrowed.

Kurt Cobain’s cover of “And I Love Her.”

— Tom Ewing’s review of “A Hard Day’s Night.”

The Beatles “Rock ‘n’ Roll Music” that cohost Alan referenced


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