Modern Vinyl was founded for one simple reason: to help true music fans find that record they so desired. When a record disappears from store shelves, is overpriced on eBay and is being hawked by record flippers, you should be able to find other avenues to pick it up. Vinyl is made for the fans, not those looking to make a quick buck. Modern Vinyl is for the fans, created by fans.


Founder — Chris
Follow him on Twitter: @modernvinyl

His prized possessions: Copeland’s You Are My Sunshine (First Pressing); Straylight Run’s The Needle The Space (First Pressing); and Jimmy Eat World’s Futures (First Pressing).

Managing Editor — James Cassar
Follow him on Twitter: @getcerebral

His prized possessions: blink-182’s Untitled (Mightier Than Sword, White); Explosions in the Sky’s The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place (First Pressing); and Modern Baseball/The Hundred Acre Woods’ Split (First Pressing, Mint Green)

Contributor/Modern Vinyl Podcast — Michael Escanuelas