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MyIronLung 0 Review: My Iron Lung – Grief Overall Score

Review: My Iron Lung – Grief

My Iron Lung crafts one of genre’s great 2012 short form releases Pure Noise Records One of the best things happening in the all-ages scene these days

September 07, 2012 Reviews
Nate Kinsella 0 Review: Birthmark – Shaking Hands Overall Score

Review: Birthmark – Shaking Hands

Nate Kinsella crafts a cinematic album, while carving a place for himself outside the shadow of family name Landland Is Not A Record Label Nate

August 28, 2012 Reviews
Such-Gold-band 0 Review: Such Gold – Misadventures Overall Score

Review: Such Gold – Misadventures

Such Gold takes cues from those before, crafting superb full length record Razor & Tie Every artist, no matter their craft, is a product of their

August 26, 2012 Reviews
happy-new-year-cr-levi-mandel-640 1 Review: Happy New Year – Happy New Year Overall Score

Review: Happy New Year – Happy New Year

Happy New Year’s self titled is solid, well-calculated debut Crikey! Records Music genres are an intimidating subject to tackle. Opinions over characteristics, categorizations and origin

August 22, 2012 Reviews
Socratic 2 0 Review: Socratic – Socratic (The Album) Overall Score

Review: Socratic – Socratic (The Album)

Socratic’s self titled represents best career output Broken Heart Records Socratic was a band like many others coming into their own during the mid-2000s, possessing

August 19, 2012 Reviews
promo_joanofarc5 0 Review: Joan of Arc – Pine Cone Overall Score

Review: Joan of Arc – Pine Cone

‘Pine Cone’ could be Joan of Arc’s defining work Landland is Not A Record Label Few individuals have influenced the emo and indie rock genres

August 09, 2012 Reviews
Mixtapes 2 Review: Mixtapes — Even On The Worst Nights Overall Score

Review: Mixtapes — Even On The Worst Nights

Mixtapes’ ‘Even On The Worst Nights’ marks a significant progression No Sleep Records In a scene where most artists don’t make it past their first

August 02, 2012 Reviews
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