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ashworth 1 Review: Advance Base – A Shut-In’s Prayer Overall Score

Review: Advance Base – A Shut-In’s Prayer

Full length debut from Advance Base is calculated, somber affair Orindal Records When San Francisco native Owen Ashworth dropped out of film school in 1997,

September 10, 2012 Reviews
MyIronLung 0 Review: My Iron Lung – Grief Overall Score

Review: My Iron Lung – Grief

My Iron Lung crafts one of genre’s great 2012 short form releases Pure Noise Records One of the best things happening in the all-ages scene these days

September 07, 2012 Reviews
Nate Kinsella 0 Review: Birthmark – Shaking Hands Overall Score

Review: Birthmark – Shaking Hands

Nate Kinsella crafts a cinematic album, while carving a place for himself outside the shadow of family name Landland Is Not A Record Label Nate

August 28, 2012 Reviews
Such-Gold-band 0 Review: Such Gold – Misadventures Overall Score

Review: Such Gold – Misadventures

Such Gold takes cues from those before, crafting superb full length record Razor & Tie Every artist, no matter their craft, is a product of their

August 26, 2012 Reviews
happy-new-year-cr-levi-mandel-640 1 Review: Happy New Year – Happy New Year Overall Score

Review: Happy New Year – Happy New Year

Happy New Year’s self titled is solid, well-calculated debut Crikey! Records Music genres are an intimidating subject to tackle. Opinions over characteristics, categorizations and origin

August 22, 2012 Reviews
Socratic 2 0 Review: Socratic – Socratic (The Album) Overall Score

Review: Socratic – Socratic (The Album)

Socratic’s self titled represents best career output Broken Heart Records Socratic was a band like many others coming into their own during the mid-2000s, possessing

August 19, 2012 Reviews
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