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Will Jima and the art of alien abduction

A voice rings out, one buoyed by the clear remnants of a southern drawl, and one backed by a strangely repeating and near Carpenter-inspired, despite

October 31, 2014 Special Features
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My Experience With Recards: The Turntable Birthday Card

A few weeks ago, an MV reader alerted me of Recards, advertised as “The Original Record Playing Gift Card,” but more accurately described as a

October 20, 2014 Special Features
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MV’s Weekly Playlist — Week of September 8th

This week’s installment of the Modern Vinyl playlist certainly takes you through some peaks and valleys, beginning with the garage rock-infused highs of Spoon’s “Rent

September 09, 2014 Special Features
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Warped Tour 2014: I Attended

I feel old. Well at least I did in my most recent trip to Warped Tour, a festival now featuring main stage turns from bands

July 26, 2014 Special Features
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The Best of 2014 (So Far)

Chris here. Sitting at the halfway point of 2014, I’m proud to say that we’ve easily had the best year of our site’s (admittedly short)

June 30, 2014 Special Features
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Collector Of The Month: April 2014

Every month from here on out, we’ll be naming one lucky reader as our Record Collector Of The Month. This month, the distinction went to

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