Mondo to release ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ 7″ records

News / July 16, 2014

Update 8/7/14: The 7″ series is now available for pre-order here.

Update 8/6/14: These records will be available for pre-order at a random time on Thursday, August 7th.

As part of their Comic-Con releases (booth 835), Mondo has unveiled a 7″ series featuring the Danny Elfman’s music for Batman: The Animated Series. There are five different variants, with five different villain-themed artwork, but each includes the Elfman theme music and different alternate versions of that theme.

You can see each cover below and here are the vinyl variants:

Harley Quinn — Translucent Purple
Mr. Freeze — Ice Blue
Clayface — Brown Clay
Manbat — Translucent Orange
The Joker — Bomb Black

They have not let us know about online sales yet, but we’ll keep you updated. That Clayface cover features embossing, so you can feel Batman trying to get out (courtesy of Justin over at Mondo).

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