Exclusive Spin: Father Mountain — Jamais Vu (Acoustic)

Exclusive Spin / News / Special Features / September 1, 2015

Acoustic songs can lay waste many of the components of their electric twins. Yet, there are always a few unplugged exceptions to this rule: ones which substitute grit and gain for nakedness and nuance.

For Father Mountain’s Zane Martin, this stripped sensibility allowed his skeleton to surge forth through his Kentuckian guitar woodwork. Look at the track’s target-practice inspiration, a twisted tale Martin admits is “a pleading to myself to make up my mind and move on” from a confused, tortured breakup.

Sometimes his retelling bleeds its ink far into diary-entry accuracy; swirls of picked strums usher in the line “Corey’s holding my head from panic attacks,” a clear reference to another Father Mountain member. Yet, the pain Martin exudes is universal despite its groundings in deeper roots. Consider the French and don’t pardon it: the phrase aims to describe the feeling of not recognizing something familiar. Much like a passerby which reappears in one’s view but not their memory, this song can function as a standard acoustic bonus, given its manageable peaks and valleys, but its true power exists past what’s missed from an uninvested listen.

But, Zane doesn’t run after his transient lover. He learns to leave them in one line: “Don’t ask me to stay because the feeling is there.” That muse’s impact is recognized, sans its integrity, and for that artistic decision, his Father Mountain remains strong.

This track will be released on the deluxe cassette reissue of Father Mountain’s On Leaving & Being Left Behind, which will be released September 25th via Antique Records.

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